In the News

July 15, 2020
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber accepting award nominations

July 14, 2020
13 WHAM - RIT 'beyond pleased' after immigration policy on international students repealed

July 8, 2020
13 WHAM - Local economy could take a hit if international college students are sent home

July 6, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Region must stay committed to handling COVID-19 the right way

June 24, 2020
Democrat and Chronicle - Reopening NY: How a local sneaker store is finding its stride after COVID-19, then looting

June 23, 2020
Daily Messenger - UPDATE: What's the call on New York malls?
News 8 WROC - Rochester & Finger Lakes region expected to advance to phase four Friday — with new exceptions
Spectrum News - Some High-Risk Rochester Businesses May Not Open Day 1 of Phase 4
Livingston County News - Phase four starts Friday, but theaters, gyms, and casinos aren't included
WXXI News - Finger Lakes 'on target' to enter phase 4 of reopening on Friday
13 WHAM - Some businesses have to wait even longer to reopen under phase 4
News 10 NBC - Malls, movie theaters, casinos, gyms not reopening in start of phase four

June 12, 2020
13 WHAM - Phase three of reopening gets underway in Finger Lakes region

June 11, 2020
News 10 NBC - Bob Duffy answers common questions after phase three announced
13 WHAM - Duffy reflects on phase three of reopening, says citizens should still be cautious of the virus

June 4, 2020
News 10 NBC - Restaurants, taprooms open for outdoor dining

June 3, 2020
Daily Messenger - Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce to give away face shields
Spectrum News - Century Mold donates free face shields to Finger Lakes barbers, stylists
Orleans Hub - Barbers, stylists can get face shields for free to help with reopening
Rochester Business Journal - Morelle sees small business, families, nonprofits as top priorities for Congress
News 10 NBC - Rochester restaurants prepare to reopen outdoor seating
WXXI News - Outdoor dining reopens in upstate regions Thursday
WXXI News - Reopening Rochester's culture remains an open question

May 29, 2020
Spectrum News: Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce discusses phase two reopening
Democrat and Chronicle: Chamber Prez Bob Duffy: 'I get the anger and frustration'
Spectrum News: Finger Lakes region included in phase two of New York's reopening plan

May 27, 2020
News 10 NBC: Bob Duffy on reopening phase two: 'I advocate for this region every single day'

May 19, 2020
Livingston County News - Officials worry: Carelessness and complacency could slow reopening

May 18, 2020
Spectrum News - Lack of Social Distancing Jeopardizes Rochester Reopening
News 10 NBC - Monroe County health officials: Hospitalizations, COVID-19 infections tracking up
News 10 NBC - Local town officials waiting for additional guidelines regarding summer camp
13 WHAM - Duffy stresses importance of masks, social distancing amid reports of large gatherings
News 8 WROC - Duffy on people not wearing masks in public: We've come too far to take a step backwards

May 17, 2020
Finger Lakes Times - Finger Lakes region's leaders expect slow go on reopenings

May 15, 2020
Spectrum News - Rochester Chamber Helps Businesses Navigate Reopening

May 12, 2020
Finger Lakes Times - FLX region cleared to reopen

May 11, 2020
LoHud - 5G will be essential for New York's COVID-19 rebound. Here's why
WXXI News - Cuomo: Rochester area is ready to slowly start reopening
News 10 NBC - Cuomo: Finger Lakes region to begin reopening May 15
Democrat and Chronicle - Back to work: Cuomo says Rochester area to reopen some businesses Friday

May 8, 2020
Livingston County News - Planning Urged: Duffy warns against reopening too soon
13 WHAM - Duffy encourages businesses to develop plans before reopening

May 7, 2020
News 10 NBC - Duffy shares update on plans to open Finger Lakes region

May 5, 2020
13 WHAM - In Rochester, one good deed leads to another
Daily Messenger - Local tourism, business: We will be back

May 4, 2020
13 WHAM - Reopening NY: Cuomo outlines criteria, phases for reopening amid pandemic
City & State - Upstate's role in reopening New York City
Rochester Business Journal - Gradual reopening in NY will be based on data, science

May 2, 2020
Democrat and Chronicle - Coronavirus testing ramps up locally. So is Monroe County close to reopening?

May 1, 2020
City Newspaper - We all want businesses to reopen. But who will patronize them if they do?
News 10 NBC - Monroe County officials lay out reopening plans
Rochester Business Journal - Regional economy will start to reopen May 15
Livingston County News - State eyeing regional approach to re-opening businesses, while tempering economic expectations

April 30, 2020
The Daily News - Editorial: Rules of engagement for reopening: Separate emotion from the rationality

April 29, 2020
FingerLakes1 - Trading keeps the wheels turning as businesses look beyond coronavirus
News 8 WROC - Rochester construction company hopes to regain business during phase 1 of reopening
Orleans Hub - Regional leader says businesses eager to reopen but must protect employees, customers
Finger Lakes Times - Duffy: Reopening FLX Cuomo's call

April 28, 2020
WXXI News - Duffy says businesses need plans in place for eventual reopening
Spectrum News - Duffy, Pizza Stop Owner Weigh in on Reopening Rochester
13 WHAM - Governor Cuomo, Finger Lakes Advisor Duffy outline steps to reopen parts of NYS
13 WHAM - Looking toward reopening, Duffy meets with health leaders, businesses

April 27, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - State pension fund shifts $50 million to Paycheck Protection Program
News 8 WROC - New York State Comptroller says the state needs federal aid to move forward

April 22, 2020
Democrat and Chronicle - Coronavirus in New York: What a slow reopening of businesses might look like
Livingston County News - State eyeing regional approach to reopening businesses while tempering economic expectations

April 21, 2020
13 WHAM - Bob Duffy named special advisor to help plan reopening Finger Lakes region
News 8 WROC - Bob Duffy named as special advisor to oversee reopening of Finger Lakes region
News 10 NBC - Cuomo: Duffy to oversee Finger Lakes region reopening strategy
Rochester Business Journal - Duffy appointed to coordinate post-pandemic opening in Finger Lakes region
WXXI News - Bob Duffy gets advisory role in helping with reopening the Finger Lakes region
Spectrum News - Bob Duffy Named Special Advisor to Oversee Reopening of the Finger Lakes Region
News 10 NBC - Coronavirus: Your good questions answered by Bob Duffy
Rochester Business Journal
- Abandoning precautions would mean certain spike, Mendoza says
13 WHAM - Monroe Co. appears to be plateauing in COVID-19 outbreak, leaders urge caution

April 20, 2020
13 WHAM - Churches in Rochester handing out masks to community
13 WHAM - Rochester, upstate businesses could open sooner than downstate counterparts
WXXI News - Business group calls on state officials to accelerate upstate reopening
Rochester Business Journal - Firms must prepare now for eventual reopening of work space

April 15, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Face mask order takes effect
13 WHAM - Chamber of Commerce distributes thousands of masks to local businesses
RBJ - Morelle says bolstering Paycheck Protection Program is a priority
13 WHAM - Morelle, Duffy predict staggered reopening of businesses in NY amid pandemic
Spectrum News - Rochester Chamber distributes masks to essential businesses before executive order takes effect
News 10 NBC - Rochester Chamber of Commerce hands out masks to local businesses
13 WHAM - Businesses adapt to state's order on masks

April 14, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Work from home may the larger part of new normal, Hochul says
Rochester Business Journal - Chamber to give away donated masks

April 9, 2020
News 8 WROC - Schumer talks to Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce about federal efforts
Rochester Business Journal - Schumer eyes relief for big business fixes to small business lending

April 7, 2020
News 10 NBC - Duffy on Rochester's economy after COVID-19: 'Without small business, our economy tanks'

April 6, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - By working together, region will survive COVID-19 pandemic
Rochester Business Journal - GRE hopes its momentum helps carry region through

April 2, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Local small businesses try to roll with the COVID-19 punches

April 1, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Morelle expects more economic relief will be necessary
News 8 WROC - Rep. Morelle, Bob Duffy discuss coronavirus stimulus package, impact on Rochester businesses

March 26, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Nonprofits cancel events, develop creative ways to fulfill missions

March 25, 2020
WXXI News - Efforts to help employers fill jobs at 'essential' businesses
Rochester Business Journal - New portal will connect employers, job seekers
Rochester Business Journal - Duffy: $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill 'a huge win'

March 19, 2020
WXXI News - Rochester Chamber of Commerce leader supports move to limit workplace staffing

March 17, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Small Business Council reunites with Chamber, benefiting region

March 16, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Cuomo orders restaurants, bars, casinos to close
Democrat and Chronicle -
Restaurant, bar owners reeling after state announces closures due to coronavirus

March 11, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - County leaders discuss how Rochester can deal with pandemic
Spectrum News - Rochester Area Employers Preparing for Spread of Coronavirus

March 6, 2020
The Daily News - Rochester Chamber seeks nominees for Top 100

March 5, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - RRH's innovative hospital facility to open this fall

March 1, 2020
WXXI News - Area officials coordinate response to the potential of Coronavirus

February 26, 2020
Rochester Beacon - Chamber moves data to the forefront

February 20, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Cause+Effect Strategy will guide digital transformation for Chamber of Commerce

February 17, 2020
Livingston County News - Rochester Chamber seeks Top 100 entries

February 14, 2020
News 8 WROC - Giving those laid off by RCSD another shot at employment

February 10, 2020
13 WHAM - New York files suit against Trump administration over 'trusted traveler' suspension
News 10 NBC - New York suing federal government over trusted traveler program ban

February 6, 2020
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber accepting Top 100 entries
WXXI News - Rochester Chamber of Commerce official reacts to suspension of Trusted Traveler programs
Rochester Business Journal - Construction hiring soars, but ongoing worker shortage still a major issue

February 4, 2020
Democrat and Chronicle - Roadmap to economic growth in our region includes collaboration

January 29, 2020
Monroe County Post - ATHENA Awards honor local women leaders

January 26, 2020
Finger Lakes Times - Coming together under 'ROC2025'

January 24, 2020
WXXI News - ATHENA Awards honor local women and organizations
13 WHAM - Bright Spot: High Honors
News 10 NBC - ATHENA Awards celebrate strong local women
Rochester Business Journal - Macpherson, Camardo, Butler/Till win ATHENA Awards

January 20, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Share our love for region to help make 2020 a year of growth

January 15, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Area poised to benefit from marijuana legalization, experts say

January 13, 2020
Westside News - Job growth accelerates in Rochester metro area

January 9, 2020
Rochester Business Journal - Several State of the State proposals could affect Rochester workers, businesses
Rochester Beacon - The decade ahead

January 8, 2020
Daily Messenger - Governor's address prompts mixed reactions

December 26, 2019
Democrat and Chronicle - NYS Attorney General should change course on merger of T-Mobile, Sprint
Rochester Business Journal - T-Mobile, Sprint merger means new jobs for New York

December 22, 2019
Spectrum News - RTA Considering No-Confidence Vote for RCSD Superintendent, School Board

December 20, 2019
13 WHAM - Chamber of Commerce urges 'total reset' of RCSD

December 19, 2019
WXXI News - Rochester-Finger Lakes region to get $64.4 million in state economic development aid

December 17, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - New Bello administration full of promise for county development

December 13, 2019
News 8 WROC - 5G service now available to Rochester AT&T customers

December 5, 2019
Rochester Beacon - A young leader on a fast track

November 12, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Workforce development, recruitment more important than ever here

November 7, 2019
Democrat and Chronicle - 'Grim and depressing,' New York Post? We think not.

November 6, 2019
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber releases Top 100 list
13 WHAM - Gala celebrates Rochester's best businesses

October 30, 2019
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber names Athena Award finalists

October 25, 2019
News 10 NBC - Local UAW union members plan next steps after contract with GM was approved

October 23, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - ATHENA finalists announced

October 21, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Rochester Chamber Top 100 celebrates local business

October 10, 2019
WXXI News - Hearing on universal health care legislation held in Rochester

October 3, 2019
Democrat and Chronicle - Developers propose $32M makeover of former Xerox Tower

September 23, 2019
City & State New York - Want to fix the traffic problem? Tear down a freeway

September 22, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Employers have many opportunities to sell students on Rochester

September 18, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Duffy named to US Chamber Committee

September 6, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Innovation on display at ROC Tech Conference
News 8 WROC - ROC Tech Conference offers keys to innovation

August 28, 2019
Daily Messenger - Rochester Chamber reveals Top 100 companies

August 20, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - ROC Tech Conference highlights our region's technology talent

August 19, 2019
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber welcomes new CLIMB class

July 26, 2019
News 10 NBC - Rochester In Focus Sunday Profile: Bob Duffy

July 22, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Making Rochester a viable place for career development, across the board

July 19, 2019
News 8 WROC - Center for Disability Rights hosts annual gala fundraiser
News 8 WROC - Pencils and Paper fill need

July 18, 2019
Daily Messenger - RHBA names Hispanic Business Person of the Year

July 16, 2019
Spectrum News - Pencils & Paper program gives teachers free supplies for the classroom
Rochester Business Journal - Rochester Hispanic Business Association names business person of the year

July 12, 2019
Livingston County News - ATHENA Awards seek nominations
13 WHAM - Sister Cities celebration honors Bausch + Lomb
WXXI News - Bausch + Lomb honored with Corporate Citizenship Award

July 8, 2019
The Daily News - Maximize the potential of the Erie Canal

July 3, 2019
Finger Lakes Times - Obesity, smoking rates high in regional report

June 26, 2019
WXXI News - Bringing a conference about Light and Sound to Rochester

June 14, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - State takeover of ineffective RCSD a necessary idea

June 13, 2019
Democrat and Chronicle - 24 young leaders igniting change in Rochester
Daily Messenger - RCSD needs a complete overhaul

June 7, 2019
News 8 WROC - Spotlighting Rochester's future leaders

June 6, 2019
Democrat and Chronicle - Bob Duffy: Rochester Chamber of Commerce calling for 'boldest action possible' by NYS

June 4, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Finalists named for IGNITE Future Leaders Award
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber names IGNITE Award finalists

May 31, 2019
City Newspaper - Conference touts the benefits of charter schools

May 20, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Area festivals and events urged to take 'buy local' to the next level
Monroe County Post - GRQC presents annual performance awards

May 16, 2019
13 WHAM - 'CannaBusiness' symposium helps prepare area for recreational marijuana if Albany OKs it
WXXI News - Marijuana conference examines inequality
Spectrum News - Capitalizing on Cannabis in New York State
News 10 NBC - Discussion on legalized marijuana
WROC News 8 - 'CannaBusiness' meeting focuses on possibilities of legal marijuana in NY
Rochester Business Journal - Rochester Regional Health wins Quality Council's top honor

May 13, 2019
Fox Rochester - Chamber of Commerce hosting CannaBusiness symposium

May 11, 2019
Livingston County News - HF-L, Pavilion Teens Earn 'Young Women of Distinction' Scholarships

May 10, 2019
The Daily News - JN White Company of Perry earns prestigious business award

May 9, 2019
News 10 NBC - Women of Excellence: Honoring outstanding women in our community

May 8, 2019
Monroe County Post - Local students named Young Women of Distinction

May 7, 2019
WROC News 8 - Forum tackles legalizing marijuana
Democrat and Chronicle - T-Mobile plans to bring about 1,300 jobs to Henrietta with new call center
WXXI News - T-Mobile, Sprint say Henrietta would be home to more than 1,000 jobs if merger OK'd
Rochester Business Journal - T-Mobile's announcement of 1,000 jobs in Henrietta likely part of merger strategy

May 2, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - New office enhances growth opportunities for Northwestern Mutual

April 23, 2019
Spectrum News - Red Cross Volunteers Sound the Alarm on Fire Safety

April 22, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - In wake of recent lawsuits, businesses should review their websites for accessibility

April 21, 2019
Daily Messenger - Local students among Women of Distinction finalists
Campus Times - At CR event, a call for action on climate change

April 17, 2019
13 WHAM - Some experts believe Rochester is poised for a tech boom

April 15, 2019
WXXI News - Connections: Can American free enterprise solve climate change

April 11, 2019
Rochester Business Journal - Conservative's talk will put free enterprise spin on climate change
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber names Women of Distinction finalists

April 10, 2019
City Newspaper - Inglis makes conservative case for climate action

April 9, 2019
News 8 WROC - Unlikely partners address climate change

April 8, 2019
FOX Rochester - Event explores free enterprise solution to climate change

April 4, 2019
Democrat and Chronicle - T-Mobile/Sprint merger holds economic promise for upstate New York

April 3, 2019
News 8 WROC - Business leaders warning of potential ADA lawsuits
WXXI News - Businesses sued over website accessibility; motive questioned
13 WHAM -
Website accessibility becomes focus of new effort from CDR, Chamber of Commerce
Rochester Business Journal -
Adrian Hale named to Business Leads Fellowship Program

April 2, 2019
13 WHAM - Nearly $500 million in state revitalization funds committed to 100 Finger Lakes projects

April 1, 2019
Monroe County Post - Rochester Chamber to hold cannabis symposium