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Workers' Compensation Reform  

High workers' compensation costs have been a concern of the employer community for years. That's why Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce developed its Workers' Compensation Reform Committee, which played a significant role in pushing for a number of legislative changes approved in 2007. In 2008, many employers saw double-digit reductions in their premiums. Unfortunately, those savings proved short-lived. Five years later, employers have lived up to their side of the bargain—maximum weekly benefits to injured workers have nearly doubled. But the other reforms that were intended to bring cost savings for employers have only been partially implemented. As a result, workers' compensation premiums have continued to rise and are now among the highest in the nation. A 2012 national study of average premiums ranked New York fifth-highest in the nation, up from 19th in 2008. 

In October 2012, Rochester Chamber released "Unfinished Business: Five Years of Workers' Compensation Reform, Still a Work in Progress," which is based on a report we commissioned from Center for Governmental Research. The report was developed under the guidance of our reform committee. Copies of the brochure and report were shared with Gov. Cuomo's administration, legislative leaders, all 212 Senators and Assembly members, and NYS Workers' Compensation Board officials.  

We will continue to work aggressively on your behalf for a resolution to this issue. 

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Chris Wiest

View Unfinished Business: Five Years of Workers' Compensation Reform, Still a Work in Progress

View Workers' Compensation in NYS: Did 2007 Reforms Make a Difference? (Center for Governmental Research, October 2012)  

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