Political Action Committee Endorsements—2020

The Committee for a Strong Economy, the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce political action committee, endorsed candidates in the following 2020 races:

New York State Senate

District 54, Hon. Pam Helming (R/C/I/SAM)

District 55, Samra Brouk (D/WF)

District 56, Jeremy Cooney (D/WF)

District 59, Hon. Patrick M. Gallivan (R/C/I)

District 61, Hon. Edward A. Rath, III (R)

District 62, Hon. Robert G. Ortt (R/C/I/L/SAM)

New York State Assembly

District 130, Hon. Brian Manktelow (R/C/I)

District 131, Hon. Jeff Gallahan (R/C)

District 133, Hon. Marjorie L. Byrnes (R/C/I)

District 134, Hon. Josh Jensen (R/C/I)

District 135, Hon. Mark Johns (R/C/I)

District 136, Sarah Clark (D/WF)

District 139, Hon. Stephen M. Hawley (R)

Monroe County Clerk

Hon. Jamie Romeo (D/WF/I)

The Committee for a Strong Economy is the political action committee of Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. The PAC is made up of representatives of some, but not all, Rochester Chamber members, as some members cannot by law participate in a PAC endorsement process.