Political Action Committee Endorsements—2019

The Committee for a Strong Economy, the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce political action committee, endorsed candidates in the following 2019 Monroe County and City of Rochester races:

Monroe County Executive
Adam Bello (D/WF)

Monroe County District Attorney
Sandra Doorley (R/I/C)

Monroe County Legislature
District 1: Ed Wilt (R/I/C)
District 2: Jackie Smith (R/I/C/L)
District 3: Marvin L. Stepherson (D/WF)
District 4: Frank Allkofer (R/I/C/L)
District 5: Karla Boyce (R/I/C)
District 6: Fred Ancello (R/I/C)
District 7: Brian Marianetti (R/I/C)
District 8: Matthey Terp (R/I/C)
District 9: Catherine Dean (D/WF)
District 10: Howard Maffucci (D/WF)
District 11: Sean Delahanty (R/I/C/L)
District 13: Michael B. Yudelson (D/WF)
District 15: George J. Herbert (R/I/C)
District 16: Joseph Carbone (R/C/I/WF)
District 18: Kara C. Halstead (R/I/C)
District 19: Kathleen Taylor (R/I/C)
District 20: Michael T. Zale (R/I/C)
District 21: Rachel A. Barnhart (D)
District 22: Vincent Felder (D)
District 24: Joshua Bauroth (D/WF)
District 25: John Lightfoot (D)
District 26: Yversha Roman (D/WF) (7-0-1)
District 28: Frank Keophetlasy (D/WF)

Rochester City Council
Northwest: Jose Peo (D)

The Committee for a Strong Economy is the political action committee of Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. The PAC is made up of representatives of some, but not all, Rochester Chamber members, as some members cannot by law participate in a PAC endorsement process.