Participation Guidelines

There are specific documents, employee participation requirements, and enrollment procedures required to enroll. Once you have decided on a plan, contact the Insurance Department for the specific plan requirements.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce bills quarterly for all insurance plans. Monthly billing is not available. You will be billed approximately 30 days before your due date. The insurance quarters begin January, April, July, and October. Quarterly payments will be due on March, June, September, and December 20. There are no grace periods for any of the plans. Coverage will be canceled if payment is not received by the due date. A member who is canceled due to non-payment cannot be reinstated for a period of one year.

Rochester Chamber's anniversary date is January 1. At this time, a person may switch to another health insurance plan. This is the only time you can change insurance plans.

Coverage begins on the first of each month for new businesses. Paperwork and payment must be received by the 20th of the month to start coverage on the first of the following month. In addition to paperwork, your premium must be submitted on a company check payable to Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

To start a policy, contact the Insurance Department and indicate the desired plan along with the type of coverage needed. You will then be able to download forms from our website. Applications should be returned to Rochester Chamber, not the insurance carrier. An application will not be processed if payment is not included or if the paperwork is incomplete. Paperwork and payment received after the due date will not be processed until the next available enrollment date.

When enrolling into Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce group, you must stay on the insurance for at least one year from when you enroll unless employment is terminated. If a person is dropped during the year, they will not be reinstated for a period of one year.

To delete an individual from the insurance, it must be submitted in writing. BlueCross BlueShield plans can be canceled on any date with written notice received within 30 days of the requested cancellation date. MVP Health Care and Guardian DentalGuard plans are canceled on the first of any month and written notice must be received by the first of the month the policy is to be canceled. A refund will be issued if there is an overpayment. Cobra coverage is available for terminated employees of a Rochester Chamber member firm. If the business is no longer operating, Cobra coverage is not available.

All checks should be made payable to Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. A company check must be submitted unless the check is from the designated Rochester Chamber contact person as indicated on the chamber membership application. Personal checks will not be accepted from employees of member firms. 

A $15 fee will be charged each time a check is returned by the bank. A money order or bank check must be provided to cover the original check. Cancellation in coverage will result if the check is not taken care of immediately.

For information, email Rochester Chamber Business Services Insurance Broker Patrick LoMando or call (585) 256-4644.