Custom Training

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce has the connections with different member trainers to assist your organization with a wide range of training topics beyond our popular Human Resources, Successful Supervision, and Leadership for Managers offerings. Courses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Service
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills....and more.

Please note, Rochester Chamber will work to cater to your organizational needs and offer other topics, not listed here, upon request. To request specific customized training topics for your workforce, or for pricing options, please contact Events Director Susan George at or (585) 256-4612.

Rochester Chamber and its trainers offer these custom training seminars in-house at your facility or virtually through our online platform. Attendees of these professional development courses can immediately use the skills gained to improve operations.

Here are some advantages of Custom Training:

Special pricing for Rochester Chamber Member Organizations seeking training

· Custom packages for on-site training for a minimum of five employees from your organization


· We work with you to ensure all training goals are met.

Consistency of message

· All employees in your organization receive the same information at the same time to encourage maximum interaction and participation.

Building teamwork

· In the learning process, participants share common experiences, discuss problems and solutions, and bridge communication gaps.

Immediate results

· Our training is designed to include skills that can be quickly transferred to the workplace.


· You choose the day and time of training on-site and we will connect you with our trainers to facilitate your request. Minimum attendance requirement is five employees from your organization.

In addition to the options listed above, Rochester Chamber and its qualified trainers can help create a custom training program for Leadership for Managers, Human Resources or Successful Supervision with tailored content for your workforce as well as other training offered here for general membership. For custom training pricing for your workforce, contact Events Director Susan George at or (585) 256-4612.