Custom Training

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and its qualified trainers can help you create a custom training program on Leadership for Managers or Successful Supervision with tailored content. This allows your organization to maximize its training dollars to produce exactly the results you need within the comfort of your own facility. Minimum attendance requirement is five employees from your organization.

Our highly qualified trainers bring their vast experience on the topics listed below to your organization with the latest in learning techniques. The interactive training sessions emphasize skills development and application.

Successful Supervision – Rochester Chamber Trainer - Pat Piles, Top Line Performance

Supervisory success is made possible by understanding the options and tools available to you as a supervisor or manager. Successful supervision is a function of role clarity, the achievement of goals, the development of people, decision-making skill, successful delegation, effective communication, and the selection and retention of talent. Successful supervisors know how to create self-fulfilling prophecies of success…through people. This series of five half-day sessions will equip your supervisors/managers with the tools they need to be a more effective supervisor, whether they have experience or are new to the role.

Leadership for Managers – Rochester Chamber Trainer - Bob Whipple, The Trust Leader

This program consists of five half-day sessions that include the practical concepts, strategies, and skills needed to enhance a leader's performance. Learn to create a culture of higher trust where people are happier, more engaged, and much more productive. Integrate generational differences into leadership mindset. Improve interpersonal skills and build emotional intelligence. Improve teamwork and motivation. Understand TQM and lean thinking in the modern organization. Master all forms of communication to reduce stress and conflict. The program is experiential and entertaining. Have a great time while learning vital leadership skills. The training can be customized in terms of content to stress certain areas important to a particular group. The materials can also be customized to a particular industry. Training for a medical facility will be different from a legal firm or a manufacturing organization.

Some Advantages of Custom Training On-site – Leadership for Managers and Successful Supervision:

· Discount pricing for Rochester Chamber Member Organizations

    • Custom packages for on-site training for a minimum of five employees from your organization on Leadership for Managers or Successful Supervision

· Partnership

    • We work with you to ensure all training goals are met.

· Consistency of message

    • All employees in your organization receive the same information at the same time to encourage maximum interaction and participation.

· Building teamwork

    • In the learning process, participants share common experiences, discuss problems and solutions, and bridge communication gaps.

· Immediate results

    • Our training is designed to include skills that can be quickly transferred to the workplace.

· Flexibility

    • You choose the day and time of training on-site and we will connect you with our trainers to facilitate your request. Minimum attendance requirement is five employees from your organization.

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