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Networking continues to be one of the main reasons members join Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. We strive to offer as many opportunities as possible for our members to connect with one another. With the rapidly growing online networking market, Rochester Chamber is developing networking communities to bring members of the business community (like yourself) together. Click here for our networking events. New Partner members receive a dedicated mention across our social media platforms.


Rochester Chamber is on Twitter, sending updates from our staff directly to your computer or mobile device. Join the 10,000+ following us! Don't forget to follow @RBAstaffing, too! Log in to your Twitter account, search for RochesterChambr and click the "Follow" button. Don't have an account? Go to and create your own account.


Join the more than 2,000 who are part of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce group on LinkedIn. In addition to networking online with other members, you can now post your questions and comments on our discussion board.LinkedIn is an online network of more than 364 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries. By adding yourself to the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce "group" you can identify yourself as a member and also recognize other members by our company logo that will be displayed on your profile. For existing LinkedIn users who want to join the group or for new members who need to create a profile before joining the group, click here to get started. To learn more about LinkedIn before getting started, click here or contact Kevin Donahue at (585) 256-4651. We also have a company page as well!


More than 5,000 people follow the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. To see it (and join as a fan if you have an existing account), click here or search for Greater Rochester Chamber under the all results tab. Also, follow RBA Staffing on Facebook.
We'll keep adding events, pictures and other information as we develop our page. And since it's all about networking, we encourage you to get in touch with us through the site.


View videos from events, news conferences, and more on our YouTube channel here.


We're on Instagram! Follow us here along with our other 1,000+ fans and don't forget to tag us in your photos from our networking events and seminars.

BobCast Video Series

The BobCast is a monthly video series featuring Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Duffy talking about current topics of interest to the business community and answering Rochester Chamber member questions. Send questions to