29 Design Studio Welcomes Courtney Carroway as Art Director

Carroway Courtney

Branding agency 29 Design Studio, a Rochester Chamber member, expanded its team with the introduction of Courtney Carroway as Art Director.

Courtney brings over eight years of experience in design to the table, as well as an education from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she received high honors in her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design degree. Her previous work experience includes working with international brands including Olay, Pampers and Starbucks.

Courtney was drawn to 29 Design Studio by the story of Studio Founder Maureen Ballatori. “The fact that she was able to start a business like 29 Design Studio and be a designer at the same time is really inspiring and really impressive.” She is also looking forward to the diversity of work the Studio brings in and the opportunity to help local businesses increase their visibility in national and global markets.

“I knew Courtney would be a great fit for the team,” Maureen stated. “Not only was her portfolio a strong indicator of her personal brand, but the fact that she is a multi-talented designer with strategic marketing skills aligns with our plan for growth.”

Courtney joins Maureen and Digital Marketing Maven Jennifer Gyuricska, as well as a talented team of skilled professionals that the studio proudly partners with to create strategic branding and design for 29 Design Studio’s clients.