Benzer Pharmacy Selects AshHEALTH to Drive Pharmacy Acquisition Strategy

Benzer Pharmacy announced the selection of Rochester Chamber member AshHEALTH LLC to spearhead its National GPO and Pharmacy Acquisition strategy. Benzer is targeting aggressive growth as it aims to expand its fast-growing health-hub platform in every community it serves.

AshHEALTH LLC. was founded by Healthcare Industry Executive and Power Broker, Ashton Maaraba. The Rochester, NY. based company is positioned as an industry intermediary and relationship hub to community merchandising and enterprise Health, Wellness and Pharmacy businesses. Under it’s GPO and Pharmacy Acquisition business unit, the company uses a sophisticated data analytics solution to help small-to- medium sized business in pharmacy and healthcare looking to strengthen its buying power and reduce cost of goods and services (COGS) find the right fit.

Alpesh Patel, Benzer Pharmacy, President, “We chose AshHEALTH because of Ashton’s deep Industry knowledge, integrity, ability to form synergies between partners, and a proven track-record in successfully closing business transactions in the healthcare space.”

"Benzer Pharmacy boasts a comprehensive healthcare organization that is transforming community pharmacy. AshHEALTH LLC. is proud to represent a company that delivers comprehensive healthcare programs and services across a healthcare ecosystem, and is flexible for any pharmacy to join, this is a first for community pharmacist and the patient they serve. Benzer single-handedly lifts the performance of any independent pharmacy that joins it’s organization” Adds, Ashton Maaraba, Principal and CEO, AshHEALTH.

"Ashton’s leadership and the impact he has made as the head of AshHEALTH was immediately felt at Benzer Pharmacy, we are fortunate to have teamed up with Ashton and AshHEALTH, as his energy level, passion for industry success and superior market depth has made a profound difference to our GPO growth strategy.” Mentions Vinesh Darji, Benzer Franchise and GPO President.

AshHEALTH offers a diverse business model – for Health & Wellness companies looking for M&A services, or suppliers, manufacturers and service providers of healthcare brands that meet a gold standard within their category, searching to gain market penetration, access and distribution across a competitive category and market.