Bob Duffy Statement on New York State Budget Agreement

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Duffy issued the following statement in response to the FY 2017 New York State Budget agreement.

Duffy said, “A budget that includes middle class income tax breaks and major infrastructure investments for upstate is a positive for New York. While many of our members have expressed concern over paid leave legislation and a minimum wage increase, it is important to note that where budget negotiations started on these topics and where they ended are in a much different place.  We thank Governor Cuomo and the legislature for their compromise, flexibility, and acknowledgement of the very real economic differences between upstate and downstate in determining the final result.  We also thank the Minimum Wage Reality Check coalition, Unshackle Upstate, the New York State Business Council, and our partners across New York State who worked tirelessly to communicate the impact of the originally proposed minimum wage increase on businesses and families.  With the budget agreement in place, we look forward to working with the governor and the legislature on workers’ compensation and scaffold law reform and other issues that have a negative impact on New York State’s great business community.”