Bob Duffy Statements on Amusement Park Reopenings & Rochester Vaccination Site

ROCHESTER, NY (February 17, 2021) Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO/Finger Lakes Region Control Room Captain Bob Duffy has issued the following statements:

On New York State’s announcement that outdoor amusement parks and indoor entertainment venues will be allowed to reopen at limited capacity in the coming months:

“The decision to allow reopening of indoor and outdoor amusement parks this spring is welcome progress. Last year Seabreeze, a local treasure, was not able to open their doors to guests, but the bills never stopped. For them and many others in our region, this decision provides much needed relief. This move is one more sign that we are slowly returning to normalcy. Greater Rochester Chamber commends the Governor and his team for putting forth guidelines to allow this reopening.”

On New York State’s announcement that a mass vaccination site is scheduled to be operational in Rochester beginning March 3:

“Vaccinations are a critical weapon in our fight against the COVID-19 virus. Availability of vaccine remains an issue. Today’s announcement of the mass vaccination site in Rochester is welcome news, and would not have been possible without the critical partnership between New York State and the Federal Government. Our team continues to work with county leaders, healthcare experts, and the private sector to ensure we are remaining proactive. As soon as another industry becomes eligible for the vaccine, they need to be contacted and informed. 1,000 vaccinations each day will prove hugely beneficial to further reopening the region.”