Extended Producers Responsibility Act Removed from Budget Talks

A bill that would have forced numerous companies to help pay for the recycling of their product packaging has been taken out of budget talks, representing a win for our regional and state business community.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with NFIB and Upstate United, has spoken with numerous key legislators to educate them on the pitfalls of this bill. If enacted, it would shift the burden of transferring end of life packaging materials (glass, metals, plastic, paper, etc.) from municipalities to “producers” which is loosely defined and includes manufacturers of these types of products, as well as companies who import, use or sell these types of products.

This legislation will add an additional burden to a loosely defined group of “producers” causing further difficulty for businesses in the already harsh NYS business and regulatory community - not to mention those struggling to recover from a yearlong global pandemic.

As sources say it will be revisited later in the Legislative session, Greater Rochester Chamber will continue to push back against this bill on behalf of our members.

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