Mirror Show Management Now MSM

When Rochester Chamber Partner member Mirror Show Management (now MSM) was founded in 1993, the name was derived from the idea that the business “mirrored” a brand’s image in a trade show exhibit structure.

As the event marketing industry has evolved, MSM has evolved with it. Successful face-to-face marketing is now so much more than showing up at a trade show with a beautiful branded exhibit; it’s about creating personalized experiences that tell a brand’s story. That’s the business MSM is in today.

Industry-leading brands look to MSM for more than trade show exhibits. They trust in MSM to bring their brand to
life through experiences that immerse and engage their audience, not just on the trade show floor. The brand refresh from Mirror Show Management to MSM better encompasses the robust, award-winning experience design solutions the organization touts today.

“This change has been a long time coming,” remarks Donna Shultz, MSM Founder and CEO, “As we’ve continued to evolve as a leader in brand experiences, delving more and more into face-to-face brand engagement, permanent installations and customer events, the name Mirror Show Management no longer makes sense for what we do. MSM is an end-to-end experiential partner that brings brands to life on and off the trade show floor.”

MSM looks forward to unveiling the new look and feel under the new name over the course of 2020 and sets sights on continuing to expand its offerings and operations to better support this ever-changing industry.