Nu-Look Collision Donates $6,000 to Deserving Families

For the sixth consecutive year, Rochester Chamber member Nu-Look Collision has made a sizeable donation to deserving families in the Rochester area.  Nu-Look, in partnership with Monroe 1 BOCES, has selected three families to benefit from this years contribution of $6,000 worth of Wegmans gift cards. Over the last five years, donations have now totaled to $36,000 and helped 18 different families. 

Beginning the week before Thanksgiving, and ending the first week in April, each family will receive a $100 gift card weekly. These gift cards can be used at any Wegmans to purchase food, household items, personal products and even medicine. At the end of the twenty week timeframe, the families will have each received $2,000 in gift cards. To add, 100 percent of the donations go directly to the families.

“We know that many charitable organizations receive a large portion of donations on Thanksgiving or on Christmas, but these families are in need more than two days out of the year. By spreading the gifts over a twenty-week period, we can help them out in the times between the holidays, too,” says Todd Zigrossi, Nu-Look Collision president.

Nu-Look and Monroe 1 BOCES chose the three families based on their financial and/or medical hardships.