NYS Employers to Avoid Full Impact of Unemployment Charges Due to Layoffs During Pandemic

In mid-January, Governor Cuomo, in coordination with the Commissioner of Labor, took action to protect businesses from higher unemployment experience charges related to layoffs during the pandemic. The Governor issued Executive Order 202.45, which is effective immediately and retroactive to March 9, 2020, declaring that the employer unemployment contribution account shall not be charged for the duration of the claim for benefits paid to a claimant during the COVID-19 pandemic. The provisions of this Order apply to 100% of benefits attributable to employers who are liable for contributions and to 50% of benefits attributable to certain 501(c)(3) employers that previously elected the benefit reimbursement option.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, along with several dozen organizations representing hundreds of thousands of businesses across New York State, worked diligently in their efforts to voice concerns and share recommendations with the Governor to avoid the devastating impact of increases to unemployment insurance premiums due to layoffs during the pandemic. The Governor’s Order is a collective win for businesses across New York State.

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