ROC2025 Talent Strategy, Led by Greater Rochester Chamber, Releases Internship In A Box,

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a founding partner in ROC2025, a collaborative economic development initiative focused on driving the success of our region. As the lead organization for Talent Strategy, we are excited to announce the Internship in a Box program. This guide is designed for employers who want to revamp their internship program or build one from scratch.

We know the idea of hosting an internship program can seem daunting, especially when resources are scarce. But a successful one can add value to your organization, help build your talent pipeline, promote and actively encourage diversity and inclusion in your organization, and improve your brand as an employer of choice.

This guide presents clear, actionable steps to help you operate a successful internship program. It can be found on the Employer Page on the newly launched website. The mission of CampusROC is to promote Rochester as an attractive destination for students and as a desirable community for them to live and work after graduation.

Download a pdf of the IIAB Guide | View the IIAB Guide in Issuu

For questions or more information, email Director of Talent Strategy Barb Egenhofer.

We believe there are many reasons to host an intern – here’s our top ten!

  1. Build strong relationships with upcoming talent.
  2. Develop positive connections with students as they return to campus.
  3. Get feedback on work and projects from a new audience.
  4. Test the potential of a new position.
  5. Actively promote and encourage diversity in your organization.
  6. Complete more projects.
  7. Help employees develop management skills as intern supervisors.
  8. Bring fresh eyes and ideas to long-standing challenges.
  9. Get the latest industry information directly from the classroom.
  10. Treat the internship as a job interview for a full-time position.