Veterans Outreach Center Supports LEGION Act

The American Legion announced Wednesday, July 31st the signing of the LEGION Act, or “Let Everyone Get Involved In Opportunities for National Service Act,” according to the American Legion website. This act gives approximately six million veterans access to American Legion services and benefits.

“We are so pleased that this administration recognizes the incredible value of the American Legion,” Rochester Chamber member Veterans Outreach Center Executive Director and U.S. Army Veteran Laura Stradley said. “The President’s decision to sign the LEGION Act will facilitate future advocacy, lobbying, community service and peer support within our Veterans Service Organizations by enabling the Legion to expand membership rosters.

“But, possibly even more importantly, this Act demonstrates what veterans in this country have known for years: the existing war dates as established by Congress don’t encompass every military action that occurs—not even close. America frequently and repeatedly engages in combat operations that most civilians are not even aware of. We are, and have been, a nation that has engaged in war activities for decades. We hope that this is a step toward making other changes to wartime status that will impact veterans’ benefits in a positive way as well.”

With hundreds of American Legion programs and activities across the United States, local American Legions have been consistent and important supporters of Veterans Outreach Center and the veteran community.

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