2020 Business Person of the Year Award


(2020 Business Person of the Year will be recognized on June 24, 2021)

Nomination Deadline - March 31, 2021

The Small Business Council, a Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce affiliate, hosts their Business Person of the Year (BPOY) Awards annually. This event has evolved into one of the premier networking and business recognition events in the Greater Rochester region.

For many past winners, this recognition has vaulted their companies to new levels of success! Candidates are nominated by their peers. An independent Selection Committee of local business leaders and advisors reviews applications and selects finalists in two categories: (i) For-profit businesses with 50 employees or more; and (ii) For-profit businesses with fewer than 50 employees. One winner is chosen annually to receive the Award in each category.


The Criteria: Growth/Leadership/Achievement/Community Service

The Business Person of the Year Award recognizes for-profit business leaders who have demonstrated success in both civic and professional areas, specifically in the areas of growth, leadership, achievement, and community service.

To be eligible for the Award, the for-profit business leader must have held a senior leadership position in their company for at least three full fiscal years. The Business Person of the Year may be, but need not be, the owner of their for-profit business. Only individual nominees (rather than teams or co-owners) will be considered for this Award.

We recognize that 2020 was a year unlike any other most businesses have had to face, and expect that many business leaders have had critical challenges to overcome. We look forward to hearing how our business leaders have persevered and let their businesses through the pandemic. The creativity and resilience of our business leaders will be recognized in the application process. The committee will take the overall economic impact of the pandemic into consideration when evaluating all applications.

We strongly encourage your nomination of for-profit local business leaders who you believe demonstrate these criteria!


“I encourage everyone to nominate a business leader that inspired them in 2020! Our area is rich with business people that excel in leadership and business growth while also giving back to the community. Please give a big ‘thank you’ by submitting their name as a nomination for the Business Person of the Year Award today!” Greg Miller, President, SBC

To nominate a qualified candidate email Cassidy Franklin or call (585) 256-4665 (for nominations, in the email, please include the nominee's name, title, email address, and company name). If you need additional information, please also contact Cassidy Franklin at (585) 256-4665.

The Application:
Although nominated by their peers, the application must be completed by the applicant personally. The application (shown below) and selection processes are detailed and rigorous. Many past winners have applied several times before being selected. Due to the many qualified participants, the Selection Committee strongly encourages previous applicants to reapply. Applicants have reported that just filling out the application has strengthened their business, even if they were not the winner!

The Reward:
The top finalists in each category are announced in the Business Person of the Year magazine and a feature article is published about each one. In addition, a video is professionally compiled on each of the top five finalists in each category. The video is shown at the live Business Person of the Year celebration event and may be used by the recipient for promotional purposes. Past winners are recognized at the Business Person of the Year celebration event each year.


Nominees - please submit your online application below!

Completely fill out the following form:

Confidentiality Statement
The Small Business Council of Rochester, an affiliate of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, (“SBC”) is sensitive to the potential concern for the confidentiality of the information shared with the SBC in this Application (the “Application”) for the Business Person of the Year Award (the “Award”). The Application is reviewed only by members of the SBC/Rochester Chamber’s Selection Committee for the purpose of determining the Award finalists and winners and will be held confidential by those Selection Committee members.

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