Rochester Chamber Fiscal Year 2021 New York State Enacted Budget Brief

When you're a member of Rochester Chamber, we have your back. Our goal is to advocate for an environment that promotes the success of our members and of our local economy. If there’s an issue that affects you, it affects us. We keep our members abreast of the hottest issues and connect you to the people who can make a difference—locally, statewide, and in Washington, DC.

Locally, Rochester Chamber advocates for change on a variety of issues, including health care and member-specific issues.

At the state level, you’ll find us hard at work alongside Unshackle Upstate to aggressively address concerns such as high workers’ compensation costs and New York’s tax climate.

In Washington, we’ll make sure your voice is heard on the most pressing federal issues facing business today.

Furthermore, our political action committee, The Committee for a Strong Economy, vets candidates and makes strategic endorsements in local and state election races.

The 2020 Business Advocacy Resource Guide includes our 2020 advocacy agenda, directory of elected officials, a session calendar, and an overview of some of our policy-related committees and events.

Looking for support on a specific issue? Tell us! Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is your advocate when it comes to having your voice heard.